USB Connectors and Cables


USB 3.0

I found the different types of USB connector very confusing. I would go into a shop, knowing that my mobile phone or camera needed a USB cable to fit with my computer or had to fit into my car's 12v socket. And then the guy in the shop would ask, is it A or B type, mini or micro or may be a combination between them all? Arrgh!! And now we have USB 3.0. So, let's find out about them, why they're good and what the differences are.

USB History

1996 - USB 1.0
1998 - USB 1.1
2001 - USB 2.0
2008 - USB 3.0

USB Types

Standard USB
Mini USB
Micro USB
A type
B type
A/B type
USB 2.0
USB 3.0